Why My Mom Lives in an Aegis Community

A lot of people have asked me why I chose Aegis of Kirkland as the place for my mom to live. I had 34 other Aegis choices and infinite choices with competition. So I thought it would be appropriate for me to give my rationale of why I chose Aegis of Kirkland for my mother’s care.

Proximity to a great hospital. I think Evergreen Hospital is one of the best medical centers around. I love their CEO Steve Brown, personal and charismatic guy that he is. Mom has received exceptional care there for years and Aegis of Kirkland is one block to the main campus.

Small boutique community. I think people can get lost in communities of over 200 people, it is fine if you are an independent resident but I like boutique communities. Aegis of Kirkland is 50 apartments, everyone knows everyone, staff know every resident and you see everyone everyday. This is important when change of condition needs to have keen observation. When you have less people you can care for them better.

Great Alzheimer’s community. The Alzheimer’s community at Kirkland is small, about 13 residents. But it’s memory care programming is very advanced. They have special art, a muliti-sensory room, great activity space and an outdoor area.

Nurse as Director. Kathy Stewart has been the Executive Director and Nurse there for years. She is not just an administrator, she takes great care in looking after each resident’s health. She and her staff are exceptional.

Low Turnover of key staff. Aegis is known for low turnover but at Aegis of Kirkland it is exceptionally low. Some Department heads have been with the building nearly a decade. When you have consistent staff you have consistent care. This is very good.

So those are my reasons. I have been delighted with the care that they have given mom. Each person has their own reasons to move their parent where they will but for a person that has a lot of choices, I think Aegis of Kirkland is one of the best.

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