What Brings Us Comfort

Mom went back to Aegis and is now on Hospice. She is getting minimal water and eating pudding and pureed food. Friday she received her last rites.

We also had four Reiki Masters and a Intuitive come in to give mom Reiki. This was led by T’s best friend Melinda, who is a Reiki Master. Ironically, all were of East Indian descent.  India was where mom grew up.

Although Melinda had met mom before and even spoke Hindi with her playfully, they did not know each other well. I asked Melinda to give Reiki to mom to give her comfort and good energy so she could move forward. She had shared how she had done this for both of her parents who she lost in the last couple years.

What happened was something I never expected. The Intuitive said, “Who is Margaret, she is here and keeps coming to me?” Margaret is mom’s big sister.  Out of the 13 kids, Margaret and mom were closest. “She is mom’s sister,” my sister Linda replied. “Well she is here with your mom and helping her come across.” the Intuitive said.

How this person knew this I will never know.

Melinda went on to tell me that mom was dreaming of being a little girl in India and playing. That she was already on the other side and there are many people waiting and excited to see her.

I don’t know what to make of all this. I know if there is a person who my mom would want to be with it is Margaret, so that weirds me out.  How did they know that?  My wife doesn’t really even know that.

This has brought my family much comfort during this difficult time.

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