Weird Convergence

This week has been a weird convergence of events. While walking through downtown Seattle, I encountered the “Corporate Greed/Occupy Wall Street Protesters.” I stopped and spoke to three young people. I asked, “What are you protesting?” “We are against corporate greed.” “What does that mean exactly?” I asked. “Well you know like the big companies who make too much money.” “What is too much?” I asked naively. “You know, like the big guys like Microsoft who screw the little guy.” “Oh, okay,” I then asked if any of them had jobs – one just graduated college, one was still in college and one was working in some low paying job. “So if someone rang that nifty iPhone in your pocket and it was Apple calling to offer you a job to test new computer games for $300,000 a year, would you take the job?” “Hell yes,” one kid yelled. “Well wouldn’t that make you one of them? You know the big guys screwing the little guys,” I asked. Silence.

The next day, I got a call from a long-time friend who had just lost his job the month before. He is a father of three small children and was at the end of his rope. This is a man who has worked his whole life and now he is $2312 away from being completely broke. I tried to console him as he wept on the phone and asked me what to do. I had no easy answers for him. The sad thing is I get about two of these types of calls per week from people who I know. I try to give some jobs with Aegis or hook them up with people that I know may be hiring but there are not that many who are.

Last Thursday, I was one of the hosts for a Mitt Romney event in Seattle. I rarely write about my political views because I feel that I have very liberal leanings, but conservative spending ideas. When I listened to Governor Romney talk about how to get us back to being a strong country, he got it. He is a business man who has created jobs, trimmed budgets and come up with creative ideas. We desperately need to get this country back to greatness. I don’t care if it is Republican, Democrat or Independent – we just need to be great again.

We are so confused as a country, people are suffering and we are not getting better. This is the time when we must all pull together and believe.

As I drive away from the event, I saw a young man carrying an American Flag hanging upside down. A song was playing on the radio, I captured one line of the song, “We are all one phone call from being down on our knees….” It seems our country got the call.

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  1. Linda Gillan RN
    Posted November 5, 2011 at 7:08 pm | Permalink

    Does Mitt Romney really get it? he was the one who said,” Do not bail the American car companies out … they should be left to fail.” he also said, “Corporations are people my friend.” it seems he puts property and wealth over people. How is the middle class suppose to survive? Occupy (what ever city) isn’t against capitalism they are against corporatism. When the uber- rich become greedy and do not see the individual person who works for them.
    The American car companies are now making profits and are paying back the taxpayers.
    The wall street tycoons are also making big profits but are not paying back taxpayers, They are once again lining their pockets. It is the mentality and the actions of the latter that the occupy wall street protesters despise.

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