The Circle of Life

Today I met my new granddaughter, Kennedy Colleen Rea. Kennedy named for the strong Irish Catholic family, Colleen named after her Great Grandmother, my mother Colleen. Kennedy’s mom, my daughter Ashley, also has the middle name of Colleen.
Well I didn’t actually meet Kennedy, I saw her on the ultrasound. She is four and a half months into her nine month journey in her mom’s tummy. In viewing Kennedy as she squirmed around I understood how precious yet fragile life is. It struck me that this not yet born infant would soon be born and be reliant on her parents and loved ones for her daily subsistence. But as the days, months and years of her life progress she will become independent and further down the lifeline she will care for others.

After leaving the ultrasound appointment I was touring a competitors Alzheimer’s community. The building was not especially well done and I noticed an Alzheimer’s resident curled in her bed. Here lay this 80 plus year old woman who was reverting back to the position she assumed for nine months in her momma’s belly. Two things that went through my mind, the first was I saw this resident as she was as a child 80 years ago, the second was although this woman’s life was filled with responsibility and success, at the very end it was as she was in the beginning.

What I want for these precious people at this time of their life is for them to be known for who they are, not what they have become. All of us were someone’s precious child or grandchild just as Kennedy will be.

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    What I want for these precious people at this time of their life is for them to be known for who they are not what they have become.

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