As baby boomers age, we are seeing more and more individuals struck with this cruel disease, including icons of this generation including Glen Campbell, Peter Falk and women’s basketball coach Pat Summit.  Here are some celebrity voices that have read My Mother, My Son and were touched by the message:

Ed Asner:

“I commend Mr. Clark for candidly sharing his and his mother’s experience, for helping others heal through the painful process, and for reminding us all to celebrate life and honor the memory of those we cherish.  I’ve witnessed family members suffer through Alzheimer’s, and wished that a book like this existed so that the heartbreak of this disease would be more widely discussed.”

Dick Van Dyke:

“The final chapter is worth the price of the whole book.”

A letter shared from Susan Sarandon:

  Gena Rowlands:

“This story touched me mightily – about a family who adored their mother and went through her deterioration into the dark mysteries of Alzheimer’s with great love.”

Laurie Holden:

“I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed your memoir, My Mother, My Son. Reading about your relationship with your mother and her incredible life brought me to tears and filled me with such inspiration. Talk about the power of love!  I so admire how you’ve dedicated your life to helping others, and for bringing joy and happiness to those around you. I am happy to endorse your book, to help your efforts to educate others about Alzheimer’s disease.  I wholeheartedly recommend My Mother, My Son to anyone looking to be inspired!”

Bernie Kopell:

“British Mary Colleen Callahan, Dwayne Clark’s mother, grew up in luxury on a huge estate in India surrounded by love and a dozen Indian servants. An American soldier brings her to the United States. They have four children. He deserts her. And she, with great humor and industry, becomes the guiding light of Dwayne’s life. Then she is struck by Alzheimer’s. My Mother, My Son is Dwayne’s inspirational story of how he respectfully deals with the devastation of his heroine’s life. More heart wrenching than Tuesday’s with Morrie because Dwayne’s book sheds light on the tearing of the symbiosis of mother and son.”

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    “I am confident this book will aid so many people traveling through this confusing and painful life journey.”
    Barbara Van Wollner, whose father “Big Al” experienced dementia in his final years.