Spring Memories

Ok, Spring is finally here, although in Seattle it snowed at my house a week ago.  My mom always loved Spring and would plant flowers in the front yard and put up her trademark butterflies on the front of the house , right as you enter the front door. These weren’t the tiny little butterflies you may see on ladies’ lapels, these were the size of prehistoric condors. Each one dressed in its own bright colors (just like mom) and a wing span of 3 feet. To say they were tacky would be the understatement of the century.

I was embarrassed when I brought friends to the house and would try to think up some social and appropriate reason for these gaudy creatures being on the house. I would stretch the truth about where the butterflies were made, who made them and how they should look beyond the overly obvious inappropriate decor. They should focus on the statement that they made, the symbol, beyond the mere facade.

Yea, I know, my friends would look at me and still say, “But those are plain ugly.”  But for mom it meant Spring, rebirth, the cocoon opening and the butterfly rising.

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