Is Working Longer the Key to Longevity?

My wife was particularly smitten with the 89 year old ex-fashion model who worked in the upscale clothing boutique in an alley of Capri, Italy. “I must see if Nadia is still working at the shop,” my wife muttered within minutes of landing on the tiny sun-filled island.

I wasn’t sure what it was that my wife was so impressed … Read More

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Listen Up Americans

You would think that, as arguably the greatest country in the world, Americans would have the grandest of grand prizes…..a long, healthy life.

Whenever I am traveling, I like to study the statistics of the country that I am in.  I’ve recently learned that our wealthy country is only 33rd in longevity while Italians are 4th. Men in Italy live … Read More

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The Body Stops Moving, Sort Of

Working around seniors my entire adult life I have often wondered when do people become “Senior?” Is there a magic day or age? Yes, I know about the 40th birthday when your life is half done, and getting your AARP Card at 50, and yes, social security eligibility at 62.

But when does it really start? I decided to do … Read More

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Finding Precious Treasure

You know the excitement you have when you first enter a museum? You don’t really know what you’re about to experience, you just know it will be special. That’s how I feel when I go into one of our communities. Our residents are so full of achievement and history. I wish everyone knew this, knew of the precious treasures that … Read More

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Our Mothers

Men are constantly trying to relate to what it is like being a mom.  We have our own version of womanhood…yet we really have no idea.

Let’s start with early pregnancy and the morning sickness every day for months. I know guys would counter with the time in Vegas when you had a hangover for two days after too many Read More

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Laugh More

On September 10, 2001 we opened Aegis of Ventura. There were about 700 people in the crowd not only to see our opening but to see our guest speakers. The one and only Johnathan Winters, funny man to the generations, was our celebrity guest.

I sat with Johnathan for five hours and talked. He was a sober, almost sad man. … Read More

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Remembering Mom

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, we tend to think more about our moms. Whether your relationship is good, bad or indifferent, she is still your mother.

Since my mom is gone, I tend to romanticize our relationship. I find myself dwelling on the good times; like how she would get the family together and always cook for us. Or when … Read More

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Give Her That

A friend approached me at a party and told me of her mother’s plight with Alzheimer’s. She bemoaned her poor relationship with her mom and said, “I guess there is nothing I can do now.” She tried to tell me why her relationship with her mom was bad and I rudely interrupted her.

I said, “I know, I know that … Read More

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Finding the Perfect Senior Housing Fit

Shopping for senior housing can be a daunting task for someone who is new to the industry, the lingo, types of amenities and care services offered. When you are shopping for assistance and care for your aging parent(s), it shouldn’t matter if a senior housing company owns 20,000 buildings or 50. All that matters is your family member moves into … Read More

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Inspiration with Each Step

She walked the entire way to the stage, eyes followed her in amazement, each step a success. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was the closing speaker at our annual event aptly named E.P.I.C. which stands for Empowering People Inspiring Consciousness.

Gabby was in the company of other awe inspiring people like musician Kenny G, actor Geena Davis, actor Tom Skerritt, Free the … Read More

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