Nightly News Is a Health Downer

At one time Walter Cronkite was “the most trusted journalist in the world.” When he signed off with, “And that’s the way it is . . . ,” we knew everything that was important to know about the world that day.

Now days, it seems like the nightly world news has pegged its audience, the over-50 crowd that is breaking … Read More

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Bedtime Chores

Remember when we were kids and you would just fall asleep anywhere when you were tired?  You’d be running around like crazy and then-boom. You’re exhausted. Four minutes later — you were asleep and your dad scooped you up in his arms and carried you to bed.

Well, I recently had lunch with a friend fast approaching 70.  And he … Read More

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Excuse Me for Dying!

I was recently told a story about a 96 year old woman who knew the end was coming and was planning her funeral. She was going through the list of family, friends and close associates who would be involved in her final celebration.  As she made her list of invitees she also took inventory of the issues and dynamics between Read More

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A New Perspective on Tears

Every year in January our company hosts a life changing event known as EPIC,( Empower People – Inspire Consciousness). Over the years we have had the greatest of great motivational speakers, modern day philosophers, movie stars and average people with pretty incredible stories.

So what is this all about. Well, it is a three day time out to cleanse, to … Read More

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Holiday Comfort for Your Elderly Relatives

It’s Christmas and you’re stressing about what to do about your Mom for the holidays.

She is frail and forgetful and the holidays aren’t the same as they used to be. Many questions swirl in your head, “Should we have her come for dinner? What kind of presents do I buy her? What would she like to do?”

Here are … Read More

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Road Trips – The Secret to a Good Marriage

Living in Seattle can be weather challenging at times, so being the good planner that I am I booked a trip for my wife, some friends and me for a week in sunny Europe.  A week before the trip my wife asked me if I really wanted to go and went on to ask if I would consider canceling? “Canceling, … Read More

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Hard Work

I am not particularly a fan of Ashton Kutcher, nor do I watch the Teen Choice Awards….normally. But watching Ashton’s video reminded me of my background and how I so resonate with his position.

Given the status quo of corporations in America and the constant push-pull between the people who run the companies and the people who work on the … Read More

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Our Sweet 16

Yesterday was a proud day for me; Aegis turned “Sweet 16.” I started this company armed with a “black box” full of ideas, a heart full of passion, and a stomach full of butterflies. I hoped to build something far different in senior housing than what I had seen done in the industry to that point. I wanted to be … Read More

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Is Working Longer the Key to Longevity?

My wife was particularly smitten with the 89 year old ex-fashion model who worked in the upscale clothing boutique in an alley of Capri, Italy. “I must see if Nadia is still working at the shop,” my wife muttered within minutes of landing on the tiny sun-filled island.

I wasn’t sure what it was that my wife was so impressed … Read More

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Listen Up Americans

You would think that, as arguably the greatest country in the world, Americans would have the grandest of grand prizes…..a long, healthy life.

Whenever I am traveling, I like to study the statistics of the country that I am in.  I’ve recently learned that our wealthy country is only 33rd in longevity while Italians are 4th. Men in Italy live … Read More

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