Our Mothers

Men are constantly trying to relate to what it is like being a mom.  We have our own version of womanhood…yet we really have no idea.

Let’s start with early pregnancy and the morning sickness every day for months. I know guys would counter with the time in Vegas when you had a hangover for two days after too many Red Bull and Vodkas, but it’s just not the same.

Next comes giving up your body to another being. A woman’s belly grows and something kicks inside when you least expect it. No, not even close to giving up your body for the annual Thanksgiving football game and getting cleated by the Aussie Rugby player.

Finally, the actual birth, which means pushing out of that little body a multiple pound baby, after hours of painful labor. Guys please don’t repeat the story of how you felt like you passed a soccer ball after some bad Mexican food, and think it even comes close.

Moms do so much for us men. They cared for us as little boys. They rocked us, and took away the concerns of the world.  They treated our wounds after we scraped our knees, broke our arms, busted out with chicken pox or got the flu.  They allowed us to cry with dignity in their arms when no one else was looking.

They constantly sacrificed their own comforts so we could have ours.  They watched us, then allowed us, to make bad decisions and then taught us how to learn from our mistakes.

They fed us endless amounts of food, knowing exactly how we liked our eggs cooked, our cookies moist and our milk cold.  They came to everything, our practices, our games, our conferences, our bar mitzvah, our outings, our dances….to everything.

They would scrape together the money for the latest pair of athletic shoes, the music lessons, the latest class or our tuition.

At times when we thought no one cared they would call just to check in and remind us how wonderful we were.

Moms are there to see us graduate, to watch us get married, to see our children born.

They are literally our lifeblood, our inspiration, our care givers, our guiding lights, our cheerleaders, our counselors and our confidants.

You see men, our mothers are literally everything.  We will never fully understand, nor compete with their grace, persistence, dedication or all-encompassing love.  Embrace them, appreciate them and be grateful for the Mom in your life.

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  1. ali arman
    Posted October 5, 2013 at 3:22 am | Permalink

    for my mother “mother is the key of success for every part of my life”

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