My Visit With The Duchess

Having dinner with the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson was surreal. In part because she is so real. She is like your friend from college who you don’t see often but feel like you talk to everyday. She knows what is important to her and that is saving children in the world from bad people and poor treatment. She risks her own safety and at times comforts to help children all over the globe who have nothing more in common then their youth.

Let the press write all they want about her life in England with the royal family. She is a modern day hero and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. She just knows deep inside she is doing the right thing.

The Duchess toured an Aegis community and so loved our residents. I thought about bringing mom to see her but it is so hard getting her out. I didn’t want the Duchess to see mom as she is but rather know her through the stories I told of her. Mom so loved Fergie, they would have had a great chat.

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