My Visit From Mom

Ok, I admit I am on the WOO side of woo woo. But something interesting happened this week that I have to share with my blog friends.

Just a little background, after my mother’s funeral we went back to my house and released 50 white balloons (biodegradable of course) that had my mom’s favorite picture of herself screened on. That was on Oct. 29th. We kept about five balloons to release at different locations that we thought mom would like. This was our way of seeing her float off to the here after. It also offered the little kids a visual of what happened to Gram and where she was going. So by Halloween all the balloons had been deployed somewhere.

So two nights ago, Saturday, November 6th, my wife and I left to go to the store. When we get home there was one of those balloons floating in the kitchen. I asked if she put it there and she said no. She asked if I put it there and I said no. Meanwhile the balloon is softly bouncing from counter to counter. I go to sit down and ponder how this happened. I was in a sitting area just off our kitchen that has three soft chairs and a low coffee table. The balloon made its way over to the coffee table and landed squarely in front of me, the picture of mom staring directly into my eyes.

It was as if she was sitting there. The balloon didn’t move, although it rocked in the breeze, but the picture had a perfect line to where I was seated. Not knowing what to do, I said, “Ok mom let’s talk.”

I still have no idea how it came to be. I have asked anyone who has access to our house and they didn’t put it there. Sometimes you just have to believe that some things are bigger then you and are not able to be explained.

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  1. Anonymous
    Posted December 1, 2010 at 10:21 pm | Permalink

    It is a powerful and moving story…. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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