My Mom the Pseudo-Celebrity

Since I write a lot about my mom people want to know how she is doing.

Today as I was meeting with staff a care manager asked,”How’s your mom…” I’ve stopped trying to find the words to express how she is. I stopped as I felt the pain of her condition and reality of how she is. The reality is she is close to end stage Alzheimer’s. Thanks God she still eats. She doesn’t recognize me and every once in awhile, I get an “I love you from her.”

Mom would love the idea that people are asking how she is a pseudo-celebrity in cyber space. She was conceited in a funny kind of way….the kind that would go on and on and say…” Ok, enough about me, what do you think about me…” Then she would chuckle as though fully aware of her behavior.

So don’t stop asking about Mom out of respect for my feelings, please keep asking out of respect for her knowing she had fans out there.

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