My Mom Taught Me

Babies don’t come out of the womb craving sugar and Chicken McNuggets.

Parents form the basic likes and dislikes of our taste buds. Have you ever not liked a food for a long time and then all of a sudden acquired a taste for that food. I think we eat what our parents eat.

My mom never really liked vegetables so I never ate vegetables much as a kid. After college i started eating broccoli, a food that I had vowed only years earlier that I hated. Now I love it. Our parents’ food control goes much deeper. The parent food tradition extends into holidays, items we eat in the car and food we eat when we get sick.

I recently had a stomach virus and my doctor told me to just eat clear broth for a few days. I was ever so compliant but of course I added hot sauce because that is what mom would have done to this tasteless broth. As silly as it sounded, when my doctor gave me the “….kind of defeats the purpose speech,” I felt adding the hot sauce was appropriate.

So if your spouse finds you in the kitchen at 3am with your fingers knuckle deep with an Oreo in the Jiffy Jar….Just smile and say, “My mom taught me to do this.”

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