MOVEMENT ~ The Key to Longevity

As promised more tips on longevity…..

The more I travel around the world the more I think we should delete the word EXERCISE from the American language. Not only do I hate doing it but I think it conveys the wrong image. The word we should replace it with is MOVEMENT. Movement of our bodies in many different ways. Walking, swimming, physical work, bicycling and on and on.

I recently did a three country swing in the South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia. These countries are rated higher then the US as best places to live and life expectancy is very high.

I had dinner with a variety of local people in each country. My obsession with longevity would always come up during dinner conversation. My wife and I had been reading the book “Younger Next Year.” The book is great but a non-negotiable is working out six days a week hard, no matter what. I agree with the premise, I just don’t think 99% of the world will ever do it. So when I brought up the author’s suggestions to people in various countries they laughed. An 82 year old kiwi said, “That is the problem with you Americans, you want one answer to quell the complexity of life.” This man looked 15 years younger then he was. When I asked him how he stayed so young he had simple answers,”I move my body.” Although he confessed to working out in the gym occasionally, he hiked, walked, swam, and biked …..he just made his day about moving his body in a way that didn’t really seem like exercise.

I normally work out in a gym about 4-5 days a week and try to get my pulse to over 150 for a few minutes. My workouts last about 50 minutes each time.

I tried his method this last week. I walked about in 10-15 minutes intervals, 6 times a day. I swam 15 minutes a day and rode a bike a couple times. I didn’t eat very different, in fact I ate a little more because I felt hungry. I felt guilty because I didn’t feel I got my heart rate up and I wasn’t in a gym.

I weighed before I started and took my vitals. Then I weighed a week later. I lost four pounds, my blood pressure dropped 12 points on both sides and my resting pulse dropped 8 points.

Hmmmmm, must be why he is 82 and still climbing mountains.

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    I normally work out in a gym about 4-5 days a week and try to get my pulse to over 150 for a few minutes. My workouts last about 50 minutes each time.

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