Mom’s Battle Continues

Hospitals are not the place for elderly residents with end stage dementia. As much as we would like to think hospitals are all knowing experts of every kind of disease, they simply are not.

My sister came in at 10:30 a.m. and saw mom’s breakfast tray sitting in front of her. No one had tried to feed her, she could see the food, make the association that she was hungry, but could not reach for it. This seems like torture to me. Although I am angry at the hospital, I can’t really blame them. I think they see an 87 year old woman who is on the last lap and two daughters who are a pain in their rear and who don’t want to let their mother go. As funny as that sounds, I think staff become immune to the emotion of death, certainly when it comes to the elderly. It is just part of life, people get old and they die. This kills me inside, it is one of the reasons I started Aegis Living.  Everyone, no matter what age or what condition, should be granted the gift of an optimal life.

My sisters have been working tirelessly staying with my mom around the clock. I am out of town on an alleged vacation. I have been getting updates 3-4 times a week on mom’s condition.  I’m wondering if we should cancel and come home or if this kind of thing is the new normal for mom. I am comforted that they are strong advocates for mom. I am sure to the point that the doctors and nurses can’t wait for mom to leave.

On Wednesday she seemed to stabilize.  She passed her swallowing test and her B-12, which was so low they couldn’t even measure, was up.  She has been given several units of blood to help give her instant nutrition and get all levels back to normal. The IV’s had come out and it looked as though she was going home Thursday.

Thursday afternoon came and it appeared as though she had a Staff Infection.  Not sure, but the doctor said it looks like it at this point. No going home for mom. She is a fighter and continues to have a strong will to live. Hang in their mom, we are cheering for you….

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  1. Craigers
    Posted July 18, 2010 at 12:54 am | Permalink

    My mom had a brain aneurysm on the 22nd of june and spent 19 days in ICU after the operation. She is 67 years old and has some other complications such as heart and respiratory. Out of ICU now for about a week she is suffering from dementia, at least thats what the docs tell me. Alert and responsive , with her memory seemingly intact, she is very confused and does not understand whats going on. She also sees things that are not there and gets very focused on certain things, like having to leave to goto work. I have put my life on hold the last month to be by her side as we have always been very very close. I guess today was very frustrating and i dont know what to do. I hate leaving her alone in the hospital, but i struggle with our visits sometimes. I just want my mom back! any advice

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