Mom is Home

Mom is back at Aegis now. I wouldn’t say she is doing well but she is home, at least home to her. She can’t eat real food, most of it is pureed. We are so fearful she will aspirate and the pneumonia will reappear, her health could not stand another bout. Her breathing is labored at times.

The doctor says she has a huge hiatal hernia that is stopping food from being processed normally. This causes food to pool in her stomach and keeps then nutrition from being properly absorbed. Bad situation for nutrition, bad situation for aspirating and bad situation because mom loves food and now we can’t even give her real food.

We keep her up two to three hours after having dinner to allow food to process. My sisters have done everything for mom while I have been on vacation, sleeping with her overnight in hospitals, being a strong advocate for mom with doctors, feeding her and just loving her which is probably most important thing right now.

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