So Much About Medicine We Don’t Know…

My wife, being the “Western/Eastern Medicine Guru” that she is, begged me to see a Chinese doctor who specializes in acupuncture for my sore hip. I blew her off and said it was a result of my love affair with my elliptical machine. Seeing me limp around the house, she demanded that I see the doctor. So I obliged her.

The first thing the doctor did was look at my tongue. Within a millisecond of sticking out my tongue she notice a little skin tag on the tip. “What is that?” she asked. “Oh, that little bump. I have had that for years.” “When did it first appear?” she asked. “About twelve years ago.” I remembered because I had just returned from a trip for my 40th birthday and noticed it. “Ironically, I am getting it cut off in two days by a surgeon. It has grown bigger and started bugging me,” I offered. “NO, don’t get cut off, I will fix it,” she stated. Fix what I thought was just a clogged taste bud or a scar from biting my tongue, those are the thoughts my western doctors provided.

I didn’t ask her why the bump was there until my third appointment. “What do you think the bump is from?” I was expecting a similar response to what my MD gave. “That is your heart,” she offered. Okay, now I am listening…I know I don’t have heart problems. I have had a scan, treadmill, C-reactive protein, cholesterol check….I have been hyper-diligent about my heart.

“No,” she said. “You have sadness in your heart.” Okay, who doesn’t have some sadness in their heart? I thought.

“When did you say it first appeared?” she asked. “It was right around my 40th birthday,” I answered. “OK, what significant thing happened that year?” “Well, that is easy, I got a divorce.” “That is why it started. Now you said it got a lot bigger in the last year?” “Well yes it has become twice as big in the last year that is why I was having it cut off.” “What happened in the last year to make you sad?” My chin dropped as I offered that my mom died. “That is why it grew big,” she said. “Now we will take sadness away, you must laugh 15 minutes a day in your car and with acupuncture it will go away in a few weeks.”

I blew it off as a coincidence that the bump appeared during my divorce year and grew to the size of a pencil eraser in the last year after my mom’s death. I blew it off until today, the bump is the size of a pinhead and barely noticeable…..hmmm, so much we don’t really understand about our own body. Start laughing in your car.

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