Love Endures

Mom has pneumonia again. Something the doctor said she is going to have continually because she can’t stop aspirating. She was put on antibiotics yesterday. We will see how they run their course and if she needs to go to the hospital or not.

Last night while I was with her, she coughed up yukky green stuff. Despite her advance condition, her mind told her to cough this stuff up and get it out. She would reach up to clean her own airway. Amazing to me how the body just instinctually knows how to take care of itself. I always think my mom is completely without any cognition and then something like this presents itself.

As I was cleaning her up, I would tell her I loved her. I rubbed her head and told her everything was going to be alright. I am in the process of getting my Reiki Master so I performed some Reiki on mom. As I was doing this with my hands over her heart Chakra , she reached up and squeezed my hand and muttered ever so quietly, “I love you.”

She’s still there.

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