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On September 10, 2001 we opened Aegis of Ventura. There were about 700 people in the crowd not only to see our opening but to see our guest speakers. The one and only Johnathan Winters, funny man to the generations, was our celebrity guest.

I sat with Johnathan for five hours and talked. He was a sober, almost sad man. He said he was in a retirement home once before, well actually not a retirement home, but a “crazy home.” He talked openly to me about being in the “crazy place.” We spoke of his love for Robin Williams; then he showed me his watch. “See this,” he said, holding up his wrist to show me his watch. “I made a comment to Robin one day that I liked his watch. A few days later there was a knock on the door and I got this little box. It was this $12,000 Frank Mueller watch. Robin bought it and sent it to me.”

I ask him if he liked being funny. “I have to,” he said. “I’m too old to learn how to be a garbage man.”

His last comment to me was, “You know Dwayne, the world needs to be less serious and laugh more. There’s too much hate.”

I flew home that night and woke up to 9/11, thanks Johnathan for making us laugh.


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  1. Betsey Stewart
    Posted October 1, 2013 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

    Loved the piece on A`egis of Ventura CA opening the day before 9/11…I was an employee as concierge and LN Activities Caremanager for years and loved every minute of A`egis and its fabulous residents, families, and staff. Thank you also for your book…I look forward to reading it.
    I am still in activities in a small nursing home in Ojai CA and my heart shepherds each dementia and Alzheimer’s 90 and 100 year old I serve…I am getting elderly myself, but with love to give them, and laughter and joy, retirement may be many years away. Thank you, A`egis for your love for me! Betsey Hi to the gent who opened Ventura…and the others in SoCal and Seattle. 🙂

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