Inspiration with Each Step

She walked the entire way to the stage, eyes followed her in amazement, each step a success. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was the closing speaker at our annual event aptly named E.P.I.C. which stands for Empowering People Inspiring Consciousness.

Gabby was in the company of other awe inspiring people like musician Kenny G, actor Geena Davis, actor Tom Skerritt, Free the Children Founder and World Activist Craig Kielburger, actor and environmentalist Daryl Hannah and more. It is three days of inspiration and introspection. A giant time out of life for 100 of our staff to breathe and look at their lives to see if they are truly on the path that they want.

Tears are shed, belly laughs abound and lives are changed.

We all deserve an EPIC in our lives, to see if we are doing what we want to be doing or are you leading an accidental life.

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