I Thought This Was It

I got a call from the Executive Director of Kirkland, her voice not as sturdy as normal. She said, “Your mom is unconscious but breathing, paramedics are just arriving.” Ironically I was two minutes away from the building. I made a mad dash for the place and found her in her room with 6 firemen. She looked bad, pale, unresponsive, with very shallow respiration.

I bent down to see her chest barely rise and fall. I yelled in her ear and her eyes cracked just a bit. This was it I thought, the moment I have feared for 50 years, losing my mom.

I called both my sisters and Linda said she would meet me in the ER. They put lines in her and slowly she started to come around. Once again the hydration had a miracle impact. The doctor said he would write an order for an IV every two weeks.

As I sit here with her in the ER, I put my iPhone up to her ear to play an Etta James Song, “Cadillac,” she opens her eyes and smiles. She is here still.

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