Happy Birthday Aegis Living!

Dear Aegis Employees,

Twelve years ago today my dream came to life. My dream was simple, to create a place where our most cherished seniors would have a place of dignity to live out their remaining years. To do this, the dream had to include an incredible culture of staff who would bring the same passion of caring for people as they would their own mother. My dream was never to be the biggest but the best. The dream was to take the road less traveled and not be like the competition but to be new and innovative. The dream was to create a work environment that would be envied by not only those in the industry but also other businesses. The dream included embracing diversity of all kinds both in those we serve and in those whom we employ.

After twelve years, these dreams have become a reality. My dreams have not been without sacrifice, pain and certainly not without stresses — but we have made it, you have made, we have done it together.

We, as a company, have been tested many times by many events and many people and we have survived and thrived.

The latest challenge of the recession has been tough on everyone. I want to say that I could not be prouder of all of you and how you have handled the challenges that have been thrown at us. This challenge will also pass.

I personally want to thank each of you for the work you do and especially those who work as caregivers. You are the heart of this company and what keeps us in business.

So my friends, I am so proud of each and everyone one of you and the job you have done.

Happy Birthday, Áegis!

With deepest gratitude,


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