Giving Back

It is our heartfelt honor to donate any profits from this book to the Potato Soup Foundation and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Potato Soup Foundation

When Dwayne Clark was a boy, there was a time when he and his working mother had no money and no food. This forced the two to live off potatoes, which they made into potato soup for a week. This experience was life changing for Dwayne and gave him the drive to create a thriving senior living company known as Aegis Living.

During this hardship week, Dwayne and his mother would try to avoid their current desperate situation by dreaming about what Dwayne would be when he grew up. Dwayne was a dreamer with all kinds of grand ideas. But that week his mother said something to him that would stick with him for the rest of his life, “Dwayne, no matter what you do, don’t ever forget where you came from, and don’t ever forget that you had to eat potato soup for a week.”

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Alzheimer’s Association

In 1979, Jerome H. Stone and representatives from several family support groups met with the National Institute on Aging to explore the value of a national, independent, nonprofit organization to complement federal efforts surrounding Alzheimer’s disease. That meeting resulted in the April 10, 1980, formation of the Alzheimer’s Association with Mr. Stone as founding president.

Today, the Association reaches millions of people affected by Alzheimer’s across the globe through the national office and more than 75 local chapters. As the largest donor-supported, voluntary health organization for Alzheimer’s, the Association is a catalyst for advancements in Alzheimer’s research and care.

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    “I am confident this book will aid so many people traveling through this confusing and painful life journey.”
    Barbara Van Wollner, whose father “Big Al” experienced dementia in his final years.