Free Yourself from Age Prison

I went to see the aging crooner, Neil Diamond, in concert. As he moved quickly around the stage to Sweet Caroline I started wondering, how old is this man who devoted this song to Caroline Kennedy when she was 11 years old? She is the same age as me, does that mean Neil has been rocking for over 42 years? Was this really a man that would turn 72 in January?

His voice was not as strong as years past but the fun he was having on stage was palpable. He had the energy and enthusiasm of a 35 year old. His songs brought some woman to tears and as I looked around the arena there were 30 year old women going gaga over him.

By all accounts he should be home sitting in his rocking chair thinking about his golden years. Given the average American man lives only a little past 76, Neil shouldn’t be buying green bananas. But he doesn’t seem to care about his age. He cares about doing what he loves, music.

Neil inspired me tonight. He put the theory “Age is just a number,” into real context.

So when your bones feel a little creaky in the morning, give yourself a break, let yourself out of age prison.


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  1. Wendy Redal
    Posted October 1, 2012 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    Hi Dwayne,

    I’m Doug Griepp’s cousin, and I enjoy reading your blog. I just returned from a trip to Portugal during which we kayaked the Douro River through wine country by day and stayed each night in historic vineyard estates feasting on local food and wine – our group of nine included mostly folks in their 70s. Two were single women, 75 and 76; one had climbed Kilimanjaro for her 72nd birthday, the other had only retired last year as a commercial architect and has been to more than 100 countries. Both have recently been on horse treks in Mongolia! The oldest guy in our group was 81, and fitter than many men in their 50s. He and his 72-year-old wife were out in front in our paddling group, and while his skin might have been a bit slack, you could still the muscle tone in his arms and chest when he’d strip down to his swimming trunks and go for a swim in the river. I’m 50, and I came home thinking, wow, I’ve got a LOT of years left to play! I know not everyone is fortunate enough to retain good health into their ‘golden years,’ but staying active and keeping a young mindset make a huge difference, as Neil D. shows us as well! Thanks for the inspiring reminder.

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