Don’t Wait

I took a two week break from my blog just to clear up my head space about mom. I so appreciate the people who emailed me for updates. My sister Edweena has literally lived in the room with my mom for the last two weeks. Mom is still hanging in there. She sleeps most of the day and every once in awhile will mumble something that you can barely understand. She still hasn’t lost her ability to say “I Love You.”

But the thing I wonder about for all of us, is why does it take someone being ill or dying to stimulate us to tell someone how much they mean to us? Why do we love people more when they are about to be taken away? I am seeing this with mom’s friends and some family. I don’t really understand why we wait until there is little life left to give the afflicted the gift of compliments, telling them how much you love them or what an impact they had on your life.

So if there is a parent, a teacher , a coach, a neighbor, a friend or whomever that affected your life, tell them today, don’t wait.

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