Captured Memories

When my mom moved out of her home and into Aegis we were offered some of her things. It is funny what has sentimental value to you. The only thing I cared for was a tall mirror that has two little pictures inset in the top with some sort of Chinese ceremony. It wasn’t the material aspect of the mirror so much as the reflection of what it represented. It was a storybook of my youth.

I remember standing in front of the mirror as I marched off to 5th grade, taking a second and third glance, admiring my new terrycloth hoodie. I remember putting on my football uniform and making mean faces in the mirror to practice invoking my terror strategy. I remember standing in front of it as my mom snapped homecoming photos of my date and me in our splendid attire.

It was as if that mirror captured moments of time in my life. My life with my mom. When I look at it I see her, I see what used to be. That mirror has so many different reflections.

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  1. deborah drake
    Posted November 17, 2009 at 9:25 pm | Permalink


    I am touched by your posts…

    You may or may not remember me butI remember you and Therese and the Spa and have my own memories of a pleasant visit to your beautiful home (when Raymond McKenzie came to see about getting you a cream colored linen suit, custom made.) Perhaps that will jog your memory, but I wanted to say what a wonderful blog.

    You are a man of many talents and I hope you attract more comments from readers. Great shot of you and your mom on the site too. Must be nice to have her close by now too. Aegis communities are clearly fine places. I look forward to more posts…

    And perhaps I will have an opportunity to cross paths with you and Therese again during holidays.

    Deborah Drake

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