Aegis Living Celebrates 14-Years!

When I was in 3rd grade, I entered the soap box derby. I had never built anything in my life. At 8 years old, I bought the rough parts out of my allowance. Not having an active father in my life, I found myself at a distinct disadvantage. So I asked lots of questions. I went about finding the best practices of previous winners. I listened and studied anyone who had experience and that would talk to me. The day of the launch was a nerve wracking one for me. I experienced competition, fear and winning. Out of the dozens of entries my little car finished third. Not exactly the winners circle but I felt my perseverance paid off.

Fast forward 30 years and the birth of Aegis Living. Ironically, some of the same factors exist. Our partners went up against more experienced and well capitalized companies. So I went around and talked to winners but not companies that were in the senior housing business. We spoke to people from Nordstrom, Costco, Starbucks and many others. We entered the market with confidence, but also fear. Our company celebrated its 14th birthday last week. I couldn’t be happier with our share of victories. My thanks to all the partners, employees, residents and customers who have made this possible. No third places finishes in our future.

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    My family is so thankful you decided to build a community where elders could live in comfort and with caring staff.

    My parents, Ruth and Charles Chirieleison live in your Redmond assisted living complex, and will celebrate one year with you at the end of October. They have a lovely top floor corner unit with stunning views of the East Sammamish River and walk-way which brings them hours of enjoyment as does the bird feeders on the deck, which their cat enjoys looking at.

    We could not find any facility that comes any wheres close to yours in the northeast. Thankfully my brother lives just 10 minutes from their new home in Redmond so they are still near family.

    My mother is always commenting on how wonderful your staff is and how much she enjoys them. Both my parents are extremely impressed with the fine food they are served in the relaxing dining room.

    Thank you for having the vision and carrying it out to create a perfect residence for our seniors.

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