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Dishing on the Boss

In a non-traditional approach to give you better insight about Dwayne Clark, CEO and founder of Aegis Living, we have asked those who work closest with him to provide answers to the tough questions:

What if you were Dwayne’s boss?

Jerry Meyer, President and Chief Operating Officer

If I were Dwayne’s boss, I would have difficulty directing him.  He is incorrigible and unmanageable. These are not undesirable traits, however.  He is one to never stop trying to accomplish the impossible or to go to better and different levels of performance.  Although he is patient and understanding, Dwayne does not tolerate an environment in which constant and never-ending improvement fails to exist.  Thus, I am convinced that if I were supervising him, I would find myself constantly getting out of his way to make the organization’s performance better—not a bad problem to have.

Would you hire Dwayne?

Judy Meleliat, Chief Marketing Officer

As the CMO for Aegis, creativity is officially in my job description. So I can say, without hesitation, that I would hire Dwayne to work in my department.

Dwayne’s mind is a fascinating and very approachable mix of non-linear thinking, persistence, abundance, and nuance. He has fun thinking and challenging the status quo. Dwayne is excited about life and he experiences its richness in many ways; through travel, through exposure to philosophers and poets, through civic leadership – all the access he has to these worldly assets seem to generate an unending curiosity and creativity in him – frankly, I don’t think he sleeps.

What was your first impression of Dwayne?

Dave Eskenazy, Chief Financial Officer

 Don’t judge a book by its cover.

When I first met Dwayne, I thought he was going to be one of those successful business owners, filled with great things to say about himself and an ego larger than life.  You know the type.  Fancy cars, nifty clothes, travel the world, show up every now and then to bark out a few orders, then take credit for everything going well and quick with the trigger when something goes awry.  Hmmm.

Well, let me tell you about the real Dwayne.  He is a mentor, never raising his voice, objective, and helpful.  A gentle man with a big, big heart looking for someone to help, someone to praise but never afraid to make a tough decision and then never look back.  Can’t say that I have read too many of those books in my time.

What will you and Dwayne reminisce about when you retire?

David Ford, Vice Chairman

Retire? Retire! I don’t picture either of us, and particularly Dwayne, ever retiring in the traditional sense. Dwayne does what he loves every day, and with great forethought. He thinks in terms of multi-year plans, and I don’t imagine that any of those plans — even his 20- and 30-year plans — include doing anything other than moving full speed ahead. As with most highly creative people, Dwayne doesn’t seem to waste a minute on anything not worth doing.


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