A Stylish Hat

Did your parents influence your fashion choice?

My mom loved fashion to an unreasonable level. It was okay to trade paying the gas bill for a new dress. Fashion was therapy for mom and hey, it was less addictive than Valium.

But I never thought my mom’s obsession with the “Paris Pastime” would be mine. In fact, when I was a young teen, I made up my own sense of fashion. It was like Billy Jack meets Wavy Gravy: Army jacket with a peace symbol on the back, tie dye shirt in bright colors, knee high moccasins with Levi’s tucked in, and a bandana to keep my wiry mop from poking someone’s eye out.

My mom had a love for hats. She attributed it to being Catholic and having to wear something on her head to church pre-Vatican II. I attribute it to wanting to look like Jackie Kennedy in those cute pillbox hats.

But whatever it was, she passed on the gene to me. Not that I am a big lover of hats for me to wear. Since my DNA gave me a size 7.5″ head, when I try to wear a hat it looks like someone put a child’s beanie on a large pumpkin.

I love the women in my life to wear hats. I always bought an Easter hat for my daughter to wear. I constantly beg my wife to wear hats. It would be okay with me if she looked like she was going to the Kentucky Derby daily. Okay, my secret is out. Guess what pic is on my Facebook, my wife and I, her in a big hat…guilty…thanks mom.


  1. Lola Lichman
    Posted April 8, 2012 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    Re your article in Sun Sentinel Apr. 8: I’m 78 and so far in very good health, but my Mother had Alzheimers and I dread finding I have the same symptoms every time I can’t remember something….which has been happening more and more frequently. I agree with you completely – I wouldn’t want to live with the total lack of dignity I saw with my Mother and I hope I have the courage and the ability to do something about it myself, without involving my husband (who says all he would look forward to without me is a good cigar after a steak dinner!) I think your Mother was very selfish and you certainly are a devoted child, but I wish more elderly (it’s a shock to realize that’s ME!) would face the realities and make some thoughtful plans, written and researched. Sometimes wish I lived in Holland……..Thanks for your article, Lola Lichman

    • Dwayne Clark
      Posted April 9, 2012 at 12:35 pm | Permalink

      Dear Lola,

      I really appreciate you reading my article and your thoughtful comments. In the end, I feel that it not about us, but respecting the wishes of our loved one. Most with Alzheimer’s have no voice and so it is important understand how they want to be cared for and accommodate them the best that we can. There are no easy answers. Thank you again for you sharing your experience with your own mother.

      All the best,


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