A Slip of the Tongue

My editor was going through my book with me. I was bringing up all the old little quotes that mom used while I growing up. When she saw someone attractive, “Hubba Hubba, Bling Bling, Baby you got everything.” Yes my 87 year old mom used to say that long before rappers made the word “bling” popular.

When giving advice about who to trust in life. “Love all, trust few, always paddle your own canoe.” I am not sure she always took her own advice on this one.
I was searching the caverns of my mind to think of mom’s quotes. I remembered one that would become ironic given her current condition of not being able to communicate. She would often use this when her kids would crack up when she would go through all the other siblings’ names before getting to the correct one. “A slip of the tongue is no fault of the mind and those who mock it are very unkind.” Did she know something about her fate?

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